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Nowhere else to sneak this question in!

The recommended Eureka vocal setting in the manual suggests a ratio setting of 6. Would that be for a sound that would require no further compression in a mix?

I definitely will not be doing my own final mixes.

Other places seem to recommend a much smaller setting, like 1.5 or, just to tame the occasional hot signal -- more in the lines of what I'm trying to accomplish.

I like the sound of the relatively high ratio setting during a performance ... but I'm a little worried I'm applying too much compression since I won't be doing the final mix and an engineer might want to compress further using tools he's familiar with.

So which ratio setting makes more sense in my situation, 1.5 or 6?
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by shanabit on Fri Oct 21, 2016 5:51 am
The more you compress the more you are changing the TONE. IF yo are a very powerful singer yo may need more compression.
For me I would use a lower setting and back off the mic a bit unless you are wanting that proximity effect from the mic (more bass from the mic)

Less compression while tracking is best IMO, the mixer can add how much he wants later. When tracking the goal is to not clip the mic input so gain staging is the main thing. IF you you want to change the tone of the signal, more compression will do that

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