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We have new Tech Support Knowledge Base called http://answers.presonus.com

The way this system works, Customers (and Staff) can ask questions, and Customers (and Staff) can answer questions.

Both Questions and Answers can be voted up or down so the best answer bubbles to the top.
Once a question has been answered and the answer has been chosen, additional answers may show up and the originator can change their selection as to which answer they choose is best.

Access permissions follows the same that we have for the forum:
- Anyone can read what is on the site.
- Anyone who has registered products in their account can ask/answer questions.
- Anyone who has registered products in their account can vote on questions and answers.

Also we will be using this new site as a way of collecting feature requests from customers and letting them vote on them.

From this it will help us focus on delivering updates for the issues that matter the most.

There is a feature request section for Studio One, the Mixers and the Audio Interface products.

There is also a point system which has a leaderboard for gets the most points for providing the most right answers.

Points are given for questions asked, answered and voted on. Points are taken away for bad questions, down votes on your questions and down votes on your answers.
The site is moderated by both forum moderators and staff.

We are not going to do away with our forum because it still serves a purpose for those that don't like Social Media sites and still like to socialize.

In time the current older knowledge base (here) will be phased out in favor of the newer answers knowledge base.

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