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I have a problem with converting and recording midi files in progression 3 and notion.

I made a a multichannel recording of a guitar in logic pro x via Tripleplay. Quantized it to the maximum. Exported as MIDI file (it is a multichannel midi file)

When I import it into Sibelius all is fine. 16th notes, tuplets, everything... looks good. If I capture it in Sibelius via MidiPipe and Rewire (to be able to keep fretboard information) all is fine also. Everything works as expected. But! I dont like Sibelius for finishing the tablatures. Progression seems better to for this task.

Now the problem...

What ever I do to my midi file before importing it into Progression I cant properly interpret the notation. Whichever settings I use in the chord loosnes, velocity limit, note duration I always get wrong interpretation. The problem is fast single notes. Even at slowest possible tempo my simple triplets are wrongly notated.

And what is more interesting, everything is recorded into sequencer staff correctly.

Can anybody help me out?

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by ognjenmihovili on Sat Mar 28, 2015 2:46 am
It has something to do with wrong settings of chord loosness. Whatever setting I use single notes are not recorded consistently. Some 16th are correctly notated while other are not. See first and third mesure.

recording settings...
Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 09.41.57.png

and the result...
Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 09.42.36.png

Some fast notes are placed on the same string which is not even possible to play.. :)

and the sequencer data is correct as you can see...

Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 09.49.42.png

I'm recording from Logic to Progression via IAC bus. It records ok in Sibelius but not in Progression or Notion.

What am I doing wrong?
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by ognjenmihovili on Sat Mar 28, 2015 3:13 am
Interesting development... :)

If I have a 16th note in the begining of a bar followed by a longer note it will be notated wrongly...
Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 10.05.55.png
Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 10.05.55.png (5.52 KiB) Viewed 2058 times

Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 10.06.17.png
Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 10.06.17.png (7.85 KiB) Viewed 2058 times

But if I move the same two notes 16th rest later.... alll is fine...

test 2.png
test 2.png (13.59 KiB) Viewed 2058 times

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