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Hello to you all,

I purchased Progression 3, a software that I would like to use along with Guitar Pro 6 to study songs with guitar and electric bass.

Although I commitments in the reading of the manual, there are things i just cannot figure out if it is possible (or not) do with Progression...

My need is pretty simple: import a midi file, turn the bass and/or guitar parts into tablature for future study, possibly showing notes to be performed on the virtual keyboard on the right of the screen.

I just can not figure out whether it is possible or not to do a thing: would you give me a hand?
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by MauBox65 on Sun Mar 01, 2015 5:39 am
Looking carefully on the forum of Notation, I found this answer:


Subsequently, accessing the score setup and assigning different sounds to the different tracks in midi file and rearranging it according to the (limited) bundle in Progression 3 I'm ready to do my things... And I like the way Progression 3 works, I find it much faster to use than GP6 :-)

This, to me, was a big help to understand my most important need...

Now, I wish I could understand if I can view the notes of the bass/guitar parts on the virtual keyboard while playing the midi file: I still can not figure out if this is possible or not...

If anyone knew how to do it, it would be amazing to know....

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