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Why do I have to pay $10,- to transfer my license to another user?

I think Presonus is the only company in the world to charge you for transfering a license! Shame! :x

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by Skip Jones on Fri Oct 20, 2017 10:23 am
It's not punishment. To allow someone, other than the original owner, the rights to all that comes with registering a product it must be properly transferred releasing ownership from the original user to the new user. As this takes administration (therefore cost to PreSonus) they have a reasonable transfer fee. In the case of Progression it is only $10. Not going to break the bank.The fee protects intellectual property rights for software and provides the new owner all the benefits in their account, once registered.

As far as other companies that charge for transfer I give you Pace iLok (therefore Pro Tools) as an example. Cubase as well with e-licenser. There are other companies that do the same.



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