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Hi, just starting to use this - and am new to any kind of notation software.

I am just doing a simple scale for now, but am struggling with some simple things. I've attached a PDF showing how far I've gotten.

G Major Groove Scale.pdf
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I want to delete the unused measures to the end of the page - but not sure how. I'm sure there is an easy way to do this.

Next, is there a way to change the Tab notation? It is currently using fret numbers in a circle. I would rather just have the number - or is there a meaning I don't know about?

Finally, I would like to add fingering. Is there a feature for this? Or use lyrics?

I am just learning guitar - and tabs - and notation. I was hoping this would be a quick way to capture musical ideas and fingering in this digital age, rather than pencil and paper.

I guess the bigger question is: where can I find this kind of information? Is there a Tutorial that walks through this kind of basic notating? A YouTube search didn't really find anything - and the PreSonus Support pages didn't turn anything obvious up so far. Just found the pdfs of the Quick Start Guide and the User Guide - so now picking my way through those.

Thanks, Dave
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by Lizzy1 on Thu Jan 05, 2017 6:49 am
I want to delete the unused measures to the end of the page - but not sure how.

Click the barline and then press the delete button. Not the double barline at the end of your scale, the single barlines after. They will light up orange when you have selected them.

is there a way to change the Tab notation?

Press the Guitar and C7 button in the upper right for additional guitar stuff like fingering.

Finally, I would like to add fingering.

Fingering for guitar is in the C7 button. Numbered fingering (1-5 like piano) is in the Vibrato/Zigzag looking button. (thats the 7th button after text)

where can I find [more] information

There are many many fantastic tutorials for notion on Youtube. However they may be a bit advanced if you are not familiar with music theory and notation yet. Trial and error always helps too. Play around with the interface. Learn to read tabs and how they correlate to standard music notion. Get a good basic understanding of music theory. Read beginner sheet music and see how it is scored for ideas. After that, you will know what buttons you are looking for, for what you need to do with your own music. I do not think you will find a bare bones tutorial. So, I can not stress enough the importance of learning music theory and notation. There are many many people on YouTube who give free music theory lessons. Once you learn music theory and composition, you will be able to think of any music and write it out. That is your ticket to "a quick way to capture musical ideas".

Now, if you are not that new to music theory and just wanted to write quickly in the program, there are a number of hotkeys... but I do not know or use them. I write each note by mouse click. ;)

I hope this helps you.
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by peterrundle on Sun Jan 08, 2017 9:08 am
If I can piggy back on the easy questions......how do I move a track to another place within a song? I want to select the track.... and just drag it to another "beat"
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by davidjellison1 on Sun Jan 08, 2017 2:25 pm
Thanks, Lizzy. Appreciate the help. I will try these tips out when I get back to my Mac after my business trip this week.

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