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Has anyone here had a successful experience running Progression 3 on the same PC as Abelton Live 9.5 (I use Live with Push for it's sketchpad capabilities ... but also run Studio One 3; obviously not concurrently)

I'm not talking about running both programs at the same time, just that the two are installed on the same PC.

I had to reinstall Live; but a bit hesitant about re-installing Progression ... any insight appreciated :)
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by krispy2 on Wed Feb 03, 2016 5:26 am
Ok .. home from work and I've tried the following ..

I uninstalled Live & Progression - cleaned registry of all reference to Live

Installed Live on it's own - fine and dandy.
Installed Progression - then run Live and it crashes. Creates what looks like an encrypted crash report that I've sent to Ableton support.

I uninstalled Live & Progression & cleaned registry again - going to swap the install order this time.

Re-installed Progression - rebooted.
Re-installed Live .. run Live and it promptly crashes.

Uninstalled everything ... then reinstalled Live .. no crash.

Conclusion is that Live and Progression don't play nice together.

I really like Progression, however it looks like I'm going to have to use it on a separate PC if I want to keep using it ... not going to happen in my current financial state ... and a bit pissed that this has happened.

Looks like Progression support doesn't frequent the forums so will try to contact them directly (note I'm also contacting Ableton support) ... I really want to be able to use both productively.
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by pmsezztfs on Wed Mar 23, 2016 8:49 pm
Not 100% sure it is related but: I have Live and Studio One and Progression installed on my primary DAW. I also have NI Maschine. Maschine was locking up consistently after I updated it to version 2.4.

I was told that both Progression and Notion had a problem with ReWire and they would need to be uninstalled. Instead I disabled the ReWire service in StudioOne. Problem was solved...but I can't use the ReWire service. I can however use Live, Progression and Studio One.


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