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Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong please.
I have the Progression fretboard up and have selected multi-note as per mannual.
I then input the chord on the fretboard with the pencil still in grey.
I then select the pencil; which is then supposed to insert the chord from Progression fretboard into the score. This isn't happening.
However I can input single note just fine using the fretboard.

Kris P.

** SOLVED ** .. works now .. in manual; "To Enter a note or chord, press a keyboard shortcut or click in the Entry Palette to specify a note value. Then go to the Fretboard and click a string/fret for the note – or all the notes for a chord. Then press Enter. The note/chord appears in a solid black color in both the notation and Tab staves. A light green highlight moves to the next beat so
you can immediately add the next note, chord, or rest.

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