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I used a program that created a midi file from a wav file (solo piano) that produced a very nice file.
(AmazingMIDI - a great program but the installer program added some malware! Arrg!)
I imported it into Progression and need some tips on turning it into a score.

The immediate issues are ...
1. the notes appear in piano-roll form and not standard notation.
2. the time signature is wrong.
3. the measures don't align to the notes
4. the tempo changes during the performance
5. some notes are too short or too long.
6. some notes are wrong and need to be deleted or modified

I'd like to click on a note in such a way that it makes a measure start at that note.
If I did this as the tempo changed then I'd like it to indicate the new tempo.
I'd really like a video tutorial!

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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