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I would like a button that increased the current note or last entered note, by the note length setting. Adding punctuations etc automatically.
I would like another button that inserted a silence of the current note length setting.
Last, I would like a button that decreased the last entered (or last modified) note by the note length setting.

I would use it like this:
Set the current note length to the shortest note length in the score, or in the current piece of the score, typically eighth or sixteenth.

Then I would NOT stupidly and totally out of rhythm constantly change the note length, No no no.

Then I would NOT try to keep up with the computers terribly exact timings in real time recording.

Then I would NOT have to bother about adding slurs across bars for syncoped rhythms.

Instead I would tap in the melody in my own rhythm in the melody's own pulse, as I hear it in _my_ head, correcting errors simply on the go.

This is very similar to how notes are (were) entered in the mod trackers of old (noise tracker, fast tracker, ...) and it is proven to be very efficient.

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