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It would be great to be able to organize scores into a hierarchical folder structure.

I tend to compose a piece with many drafts, and work on different sections of a piece in a separate score document. It is difficult to manage and sift through dozens or hundreds of score documents in a flat single-folder structure the way that Notion iPAD is currently organized.

Currently to manage my scores, I have to save them off to DropBox and then re-import them when I want to work on them, in order to keep the number of visible scores in the App down to a manageable number. This leads to the problem of needing to double-check that they are saved properly, and then not being able to access all of them if I am working off-line.

Thanks for your consideration.

David Borden
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by chrisjobse on Mon Dec 14, 2015 4:27 am
I see the same issue.
I want to keep my scores in several folders, depending on the projects I am working on. I can do that, but then I see them all in one long list. Additional to that is that I cannot open the scores residing in the subfolders.

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