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1. Add a bunch of notes (4 quarter) to a treble clef staff's measure
2. click on the chord symbol entry
3. enter the following
- on the first beat type in C-6,
- on the 3rd beat type A-7
- on the 2nd bar's 1st beat type in D7b9
- on the 2nd bar's 3rd beat type in G7b9
4. Use the arrows to go back to beat 1 of measure 2 to change the chord to D-7b5
5. Advance to Beat 3 of measure to to change chord from G7b9 to G7#9

In step 4, even though I went to the 1st bar, it still says G7b9 and I need to retype D and fix it to D7b9. In step 6, when I advance back to G7b9 to change it to G7#9, I need to enter G7#9 instead of just changing the tension from b9 to #9, it will say D-7b5 and if I type in G, it will say G-7b5 requiring me to type in the entire chord again. It would be nice if it selected the elements of the chord symbol that exists there when you advance using the arrows in the chord symbol entry palette.

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