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Hello all,
you can now join the Notion iOS Public Beta. Just click the link below, install Apple's TestFlight app, and get going with Notion 2.5. You will be notified via TestFlight of any updates during the Public Beta period and what to look for


1) This is still a beta version, so please make sure you have made a copy of your scores PLUS, if you want to use a cloud provider (e.g. iCloud / Dropbox / Google Drive / OneDrive), please make sure you have a made a copy of the whole Notion folder you use, in a secondary location. To roll back to the public version, just re-download Notion from the App Store on your device.

2) If you experience any problems or issues, please send feedback only via the TestFlight app by clicking the 'Send Beta Feedback' button (see image below)
testflight page.png

- do not post feedback in the Notion forum here nor on social media as these locations will not be monitored for feedback, and any posts noticed may be deleted.
- do not send issues into PreSonus Tech Support as they do not support beta versions.

Many thanks,

Product Manager - Notion
PreSonus Audio Electronics, Inc.

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