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Good morning everybody! I am using Notion with the Apple Pencil and that seems to work fine - some weirdness re putting more beats into measure than are allowed - but whatever. My real issue is that when I use the Apple Pencil, the app still seems to recognize my finger as a drawing implement. Is there any way to turn off touch drawing - not sure how to explain it - the equivalent of palm protection within the iOS app? Otherwise - what is the point of an Apple Pencil if i can simply use my finger???

Any help is appreciated!
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by christopherrussell on Sat Nov 17, 2018 10:22 am
I actually have had the opposite experience in some other apps, where my Apple Pencil stops responding, but the system is set to reject touch (generally putting the Apple Pencil in place of all on-screen manipulation while in a writing mode), which is equally problematic.

While I don't work for PreSonus, I'd say the current approach was to enable the Apple Pencil to work, but to also allow for the many versions of the iPad that are currently available that do not have the Apple Pencil as a solution.

Personally, I find the traditional entry method faster for entering notes; I find the Apple Pencil most useful in adding other markings such as slurs and articulations. Slurs over several measures don't work very well.

I have some issues with Handwriting working on existing Notion files; it works great on newer files that I have just created.

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