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Version 2.5.5 (Oct 13th 2020)
Blogpost here

-New language: Portuguese

Sounds Menu
-In Store tab, Notion now shows a check mark (instead of a cloud) for purchased bundles
-In Store tab, now shows a check for instruments purchased in bundles
-In Store tab, icons are force refreshed after tapping Restore Purchases
-In Sounds tab, instruments are reloaded after restoring purchases
-Notion no longer restarts purchase downloads when the app launches

-(iOS13 and later) Can now change preferred language for just Notion, rather than following the language set globally for the device. Go to Device Settings>Notion>Preferred Language
-‘Choose Instruments' now localised as expected in New Score dialog
-Improved Korean translations in score setup
-Template documents localised
-Templates now open as expected in all languages

-Fix for drawing a tie if only "tied" element is present in an imported MusicXML file
-Fix for Chord Root changing on iPhone only version of Chord Library when selecting extensions
-Half notes will now split into tied notes on MIDI import, if they are syncopated and across the middle of a bar

-General performance improvements

Minimum requirements:
Apple iOS9 or higher (please note, Notion 2.5.x will be the final version to support iOS9 and iOS10)

Version 2.5.4 (Aug 16th 2020)
Fix for Korean translation errors introduced in 2.5.3

Version 2.5.3 (Aug 6th 2020)
Blogpost here

Restore Purchases:
New ‘Restore Purchase’ button in Settings>Handwriting
‘Restore Purchases’ in Sounds menu no longer also triggers downloading the sounds – it just restores the purchase state

Dragging Improvements:
Fix for flickering when dragging score items
Score items can now be more easily dragged across measure lines and between staves
Improvement when dragging and dropping score item between staves
Final drag position of score items more accurate
Stability when dragging improved

Stability and performance improvements
Fix for ‘Insert Barlines’ dialog position on iPhone
General translation fixes
Now uses original language expression text in Chinese localization (e.g. arco, pizz)
Key signature is now always sent in MIDI export even if it is C major

Minimum requirements:
Apple iOS9 or higher (please note, Notion 2.5.x will be the final version to support iOS9 and iOS10)

Version 2.5.2 (May 18th 2020)
Blogpost here

Issue entering notes with MIDI and MIDI Bluetooth instruments resolved
Stability and performance improvements
Context menus now display, after switching directly from Handwriting mode to the Handwriting zoom area and back
On re-opening the app, the context menus now show in full the first time they are opened
The ‘Continue’ button in the Export menu is now refreshed if the file type or export location is changed
Lyrics can now be entered as expected on iOS13.4 and later when an external keyboard is connected
Toolbar position fixed when in landscape on iPhone
Background colour of Insert Barlines dialog fixed
Language fixes for intervals in German
Note that Soundcloud export is currently unavailable, as the API used is no longer supported by Soundcloud
Minimum requirements: Apple iOS9 or higher (please note, Notion 2.5.x will be the final version to support iOS9 and iOS10)

Version 2.5.1 (Mar 24th 2020)
Blogpost here

New documents show transpositions, and instrument names and abbreviations, by default
Score Title now shows the document name by default in a new document
Wind Band template added
Stability and speed fixes when initialising the score

Chord library picker issue fixed where more than one chord could be selected
Mixer and virtual instruments now open as expected, after being hidden and the document re-opened
Back/Forward buttons now audition as expected, and hit area of button increased
Text can now be seen in the fermata dialog, if the device is in Dark Mode
Options can now be seen in the ‘double at interval’ dialog, if the device is in Light Mode
Keep zoom size and position consistent when rotating device
Set cursor correctly when opening new score
Fix for the Continuous view header (the left hand margin) sometimes being incorrectly set

Fixes for playback control covered by the notch when in landscape and on larger iPhones
Background colours reworked for safe area edges on larger iPhones

Handle incomplete ties when in Continuous view
Fix clef and key signature issues when handwriting in Continuous view

iOS9/10 only:
Button added to home page to better select whether to browse local Notion folder, or Notion iCloud folder
Delete and Rename functions added to iOS9/10 local folder browser – long press the document and release to see the options
Fix for files that have been given the same name in iOS9/10
(Note – for iOS11 and later, Notion uses Apple’s built-in File Browser – see here for more info and video)

Page text (e.g. subtitle) now centres properly on screen
Expression and technique text is now not translated, when in Simplified Chinese (e.g. arco or pizzicato)
Note that Soundcloud export is currently unavailable, as the API used is no longer supported by Soundcloud
Minimum requirements – Apple iOS9 or higher (please note, Notion 2.5.x will be the final version to support iOS9&10)

Version 2.5 (Feb 6th 2020)
Blogpost here

NEW: Document Handling - (iOS11 and later) Notion now directly supports Apple’s built-in document opener. This allows you to create, open and save scores directly in the location of your choice, whether on the device, in Notion’s iCloud folder, or via the linked cloud folders of your choice (such as Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive for example). Note – If you are running iOS9 or 10, then there is a document opener built in to Notion that will allow saving to the device, or to Notion’s iCloud folder only.
NEW: Export as MP3
NEW: Export for SMP Press
NEW: Save as Template

Change in Minimum Requirements:
Notion v2.5 requires Apple iOS9 or higher (was iOS8).
Please note, Notion 2.5.x will be the final version to support iOS9.

iOS Device Improvements:
Add ‘Close’ button to Score Setup for larger phones, in order to dismiss the Score Setup menu
Tools in the sidebar not covered by the ‘notch’ in larger iPhones
Larger phones now load the correct chord symbol dialog (rather than trying to load the iPad version of this dialog which then couldn’t be dismissed)
When in split view on an iPad, the onscreen fretboard, keyboard and mixer now show in the correct size
Optimised for Dark Mode

Fix for handwriting engine occasionally stopping during a long session
Fix for subsequent measures sometimes changing after handwriting recognition on an earlier measure
Rests on ledger lines no longer cause an issue
Elements that cross systems (e.g. ties) now supported when using the handwriting area or continuous score view
Adjacent offset notes on ledger lines now don’t transpose on subsequent notes being entered
Fix for handwriting recognition problem on systems that have a repeat line

Fix for some newer devices, where Notion was not using the device sample rate leading to distortion when playing back or exporting an audio file.
Playback warning pop-up for large scores removed
Hi-hat foot splash sample now plays back

New MusicXML elements imported: sf, sfp, fp, sfz and fz; beaming; measured tremolos that include tuplets; very short duration notes (down to 1024th notes); fermatas; harmonic circle symbol / open circle symbol; snap (Bartok) pizzicato; scoop, doit and fall-off
New MusicXML elements exported: clef changes; pizz and arco; pre-bends; sf, sfp, fp, sfz and fz; mutes; measured tremolos; noteheads; fermatas; harmonic circle symbol / open circle symbol; snap (Bartok) pizzicato; scoop, doit and fall-off
Tablature export and import fully reworked
Support for ‘.musicxml’ file extension
Better handling of any missing slur end elements on import, to avoid very long slurs occurring
Voices on grand staff reworked
When importing with time signatures that have a high numeral (e.g. 11/4), whole measure rests now show as expected
Better handling of imported beaming information
Now imports grace notes with beaming information
Fixed occasional duplication of symbols, when exporting legato-accent, and mezzo-staccato
Fix for TAB pitches being wrongly transposed by an octave on export, for non-transposing fretted instruments (e.g. banjo,
mandolin, ukulele)

Improved rhythmic spelling on MIDI import
Fix for MIDI files not being imported from other apps in some circumstances

General notation and note entry:
5th string banjo fret numbers now start at the 5th fret as expected
Lyrics and chord symbols now paste without replacing the notation, after copying a selection that is longer than one measure
When writing chords with the on-screen piano keyboard, notes are no longer ‘held down’ after moving to the next position
Fix for crash caused by deleting notes in measures with rhythm slashes in another voice
When writing chords with the onscreen guitar fretboard, notes are held on the fretboard after moving to the next position to allow repeated chord strumming (keep moving to the next position with the right arrow to enter multiple chords). The chord is automatically cleared from the fretboard if a new note is tapped on the fretboard

Slash Notation:
Bass note of Chord Symbol now supported in playback
Slashes with augmentation dots now have more spacing in Jazz Font
Notes can be deleted in measures with rhythm slashes in another voice, without crashing

Tremolo Entry behaviour changed: e.g. for a fingered tremolo with quarter duration, now insert two eighths before applying the tremolo
Tremolo can now be tapped onto the first note or in between notes
Stems now can go in either direction in a voice 2 tremolo
Fingered tremolos that include chords now play back as expected
Bug fixed for the second note of a fingered tremolo changing duration if tremolo entered onto second note (now does nothing)
Bug fixed for a third note being erroneously added to an existing tremolo, if a tremolo is entered onto the second note (now does nothing)

Fix for existing text in text boxes becoming hidden when editing
Lyrics font can now be changed globally per document. Go to either Full Score Settings or Parts Settings, then Layout>Lyric Font
Fix for a melisma causing an issue if followed directly by a hidden measure (e.g. by a cut, a hidden staff, or a multi-measure rest)

Paste into a Specific Voice is now accessed via a long press, at the point you wish to paste into the music
Pasting into a different voice now does not remove any existing rest at the beginning of the destination measure
The whole measure is now not replaced/overwritten when pasting a partial measure as expected.
Paste no longer causes rhythmic changes, when pasting multiple times between different voices or between a grand staff
Paste now ignores ties in other voices on a grand staff
When using Duplicate, now automatically adds more measures before pasting, if you are duplicating past the end of a score
Lyrics and chord symbols now paste without replacing the notation, after copying a selection that is longer than one measure

Tuplet dialog is now translated properly in Japanese language
Musical intervals are now translated properly in German language, in transposition window
When Notion is set to Korean, Japanese or Sim Chinese, the drumpad now enters cymbals with expected cross noteheads
New Score corrected in Spanish

General performance and stability improvements
Print Parts to PDF now prints in score order

Version 2.0.183 (June 7th 2017)
Blogpost here

Slur control points - now when a slur is selected, you can drag its control points to adjust the start and end points, its placement, and even the curve itself.

Fix not being able to import files from email or other apps
Fix issue introduced by iOS10.3 that meant the cursor would occasionally jump on note entry
Fix an issue that was occasionally resulting in notes not sounding during note entry until pressing play
Update remaining old font selection dialogs
Fix occasional crash when selecting/resizing text boxes
Fix not being able to drag text boxes

Version 2.0.177 (May 1st 2017)
Blogpost here

New features:
New Notion "Widget" to quickly access recent scores, or to quickly setup a simple score. To add, just swipe right over your device's Home screen, Lock screen, or Notification Centre, tap 'Edit' and select Notion.
New "Send To..." feature, to share exported files from Notion with other apps on the same device. Go to export, select required file format, and then tap "Send To..."
New "Open in" button on Help pdf, allowing the Notion Help Guide to be opened with other pdf readers on the same device (and thereby allowing search, export etc)
Updated Chorus and Organ sounds - go to 'Sounds' and swipe left to remove the old versions. Then re-download the sound by tapping on the cloud icon.
New button to engage Step Entry when using an external MIDI instrument
New option in Instrument Setup to show circles around half/whole notes in tablature
When importing/exporting drum parts via MIDI, now maps to standard GM drum mapping
Notion now draws drumset cymbals and hi-hats with cross-head noteheads by default
Scroll in Playback option added to View Options

Handwriting fixes:
Fix to adding extra ledger lines to previously entered notes
When writing into a part that is linked to tablature, use the same tab logic as for standard note entry and preserve any existing tab strings.
Fix for when writing into a measure that already has an existing dotted chord, it’d become double-dotted.
Fix for when writing a note in a measure that contained a chord with ledger lines, the chord would change
Fix for writing over more than one measure at a time in the handwriting window
Fix for when writing over more than one system

General fixes:
General stability improvements
Fix for some short sounds causing a crash in playback (e.g. closed hi-hat, high claves, oboe duo)
Dynamic Parts now show in score order
Fix for scores jumping when entering notes towards the bottom of the screen
Fix for occasionally not being able to scroll to the bottom of a score.
Glissandi/slides/portamento: now show in the right direction between two close chromatic notes; now do not collide with note augmentation dots or accidentals; now centre on noteheads, not attachments
Cross-staff notes: fix for some stems not lining up; fix for accidentals not showing on a note in a chord if sent to the other staff; flags now show on unbeamed cross-staff notes
MusicXML: When importing lyrics, verse number is now correctly set; fix up occasional issue with imported hairpins; fix for occasionally not setting some instrument transpositions
MIDI: when exporting, articulations (such as staccato altering note lengths) are now taken into account for duration
When dragging an articulation, the crosshead now centres on the articulation
When in Step Time, Bb & Eb transposing instruments now spell notes as expected
Enharmonic tool now works on chords
Clear special no longer clears harp tuning diagrams or attached rules
Notes for transposing instruments now spelt better when in remote minor keys
Measure is now spaced correctly when empty and another staff has a whole rest in the same frame
Drumset unmeasured tremolo now responds to hairpins
Stem direction now only affects the selected beam group (rather than the whole measure)
Reset tab numbers now only resets selected notes, rather than whole measure
If language is set to Spanish, then load Spanish feedback page.
Fix for tab notes not being retained, when recording in real-time with the onscreen fretboard
Scores now save whether onscreen virtual instruments (e.g. piano/fretboard are showing or not)
Fix for adding an extraneous double barline, when an existing double barline is followed by a cut (and linked fix, for a crash when layout handles are shown on the extra double barline)
Can now type lyrics into left hand of grand staff
Fixup the All Bundle image being used in Score Setup for Piano instead of the Piano image
Hide resting staves now does not hide first and second endings, if the top staff is hidden

Version 2.0.164 (Dec 11, 2016)
Fix issue when tapping Restore Purchases

Version 2.0.163 (Dec 08, 2016)
Blogpost here

Organ and chorus sounds

General fixes:
Now when all sounds are downloading, it continues past any sounds that may pause
Download All sounds, now retrieves purchased sounds, as well as bundle sounds
Score is not reloaded after each sound is downloaded, so the app does not slow down
Fix trying to show iPad palette on iPhone 6S Plus in landscape mode (caused an issue where users could not access rests)
Now when viewing a part, and switching view (continuous, screen, or print view), it doesn't jump to the top part by default
MIDI Import/Export enhancements
New user guides in Italian and Korean
Spanish user guide now opening as expected
MIDI note entry echo now not affected when making change to metronome
Korean language fixes
MusicXML fixes

Handwriting fixes:
If you tie a note across a bar line you can now enter notes in the following measure
If there is a tie or rest in one voice, it is now ignored if writing in a different voice
Rests are now better aligned vertically when using more than one voice in a measure
If writing ledger lines, or adding any other items that fall outside the normal staff boundaries, then Notion will add them to the correct staff - either by way of attachment (e.g. stems) or following previously entered items.
Fix handwriting occasionally freezing in specific measures

Version 2.0.157 (Oct 17 2016)
Bug fixes - updated sound library and handwriting recognition fixes
Blogpost here

Version 2.0.156 (Oct 13 2016)
Blogpost here
Now you can use your handwriting directly in the score area - tap the pen icon to go into handwriting mode (Handwriting recognition is an in-app purchase, for iPad).
You can still use the handwriting zoom area if you wish as an option - just tap the magnifying glass zoom icon to open. This is handy for writing in large scores, or for combining note entry methods (Handwriting recognition is an in-app purchase for iPad)
New languages: Korean and Italian
Hide and show resting staves now available per system
Multi-measure rest feature redesigned
Ukulele chord diagrams added
If there is a chord built in the fretboard, cursor right now adds it multiple times
All sound samples updated

Now not crashing when using Undo on the onscreen QWERTY keyboard when entering lyrics
Clear Special now clears accidentals, articulations and velocities
iPhone sidebar now does not show in iPad
Now not crashing if file is emailed and no email account is set up on the device
Now not crashing if using Selection tool on iOS10 when Speak Selection is on in device settings
Can now add slur into voice 2 with slur tool
Fix an issue opening files from Dropbox
Fix an issue with Sounds dialog sometimes freezing
Handwriting now recognised with ties and rests when using two voices
Handwriting now is recognised after a tie over a barline
Fix an issue with handwriting when accidentals are sometimes added near a key signature change
Scribble delete now refined when handwriting - scribble over the notehead itself to remove a note and all its attachments (e.g. articulation, beaming etc)
Fix chord looseness not being set correctly
Better positioning of rests in multi-voice
Sounds dialog now does not freeze when removing/adding multiple instruments
Now not crashing with specific instrument notes (claves, cor anglais, oboe duo)
Sound is now not distorted when using HDMI out from device
Fix assigning different time signatures to different instruments
Score view saved with each file
Double tapping the pan knob now centers it
Chord symbols for Fb, Cb, G# now show as expected when transposing
Change enharmonic of individual notes in a chord
Tie now does not disappear when changing enharmonic of two tied notes
Write hammer-on directly into tab
Write ghost notes (parentheses), including on grace notes, directly into tab
Fill With Rests now not filling measures that have measure repeat symbols
mport MIDI file brings in key changes
8va now not double transposing on MIDI import
Treble 15ma now at correct pitch when using keyboard for note entry
Celesta now sounding at correct octave
Can now see multimeasure rests in the part, when the score only has one instrument
Hide resting staves now does not hide measure numbers or rehearsal marks
Multimeasure rests now right justify with other systems on a page
Multimeasure rest bug fixed, where in some instances they would run off the system
Multimeasure rests do not now include pick up and partial measures
Multimeasure rests now show correct number of rests when immediately following a start repeat line
Multimeasure rests font for the number now resized and sits above staff
Width of final measure now as expected
Special barline now disappearing when using Link to Next
Changing a note to a rest now does not delete later ties in measure or shift attachments (ties, fermatas, dynamics) later in the measure
Fixed issues where attachments could get improperly shifted when inserting tuplets or changing a note to a rest of a different duration
Don’t allow ties between notes that are the same letter but different pitches (e.g., E and Eb)
Don’t allow ties to cancelling accidentals (e.g., in adjacent chords)
Hiding cuts now does not crash Notion if it contains a glissando
Notion now recognizes type-in chords that just have the chord number, for example, C6 rather than Cmaj6
Various MusicXML fixes
Return to Contents page button added to each page of User Guide

Version 2.0.146 (Dec 18, 2015)
New Features:
Split View and Slide Over (on compatible iPads only). When in Split View, slide out the full Notion toolbar from the left of the screen.
Audio issue with iPhone6s resolved
Files now opening correctly from email, if iCloud is turned on
Scores with dashed barlines now showing in full
Help Overlay button reinstated
Duplicate clef issue fixed, if changing clef in first measure with handwriting
Durations are no longer altered in beamed groups, when notes are handwritten after the group
Handwritten dotted tuplet groups now get recognised correctly
Fix not able to hand-scribble out expressions like down bows and accents.
Fix an occasional crash when using controls to alter layout and font size
Change default in the time signature dialog

Version 2.0.143 (Nov 03, 2015)
- Handwriting in-app purchase for iPad now available
Notion can now turn your handwriting into notation! Write with your finger, stylus or Apple Pencil and Notion will convert it. Open Notion on iPad and open/create a score. Tap Settings cogwheel and select Handwriting> Purchase
- Handwriting recognizes the following notation elements:
Standard notehead
Ledger lines
All Notion clefs
Whole note to 64th note (and rests)
Dotted and double dotted notes (and rests)
Single, final, double, repeat measure lines
Accidentals including double sharps/flats
Triplets, custom tuplets and ratios
Time signatures including common and cut-time symbols
Ties and slurs
Articulations: accents, staccato, staccatissimo, tenuto, marcato
Stopped note +, Upbow, downbow
Powered by MyScript®
- Support for Apple Pencil with Handwriting
As you write your notation, you can press harder for a thicker line, which gives a much more natural feel. Apple Pencil also gives you greater accuracy not just in recognition but in selecting and adjusting other elements
- Other Fixes:
All chords now enter on iPhone
Score setup images now correct resolution on iPad Mini

Version 2.0.136 (Oct 14, 2015)
Language selection in iOS9 now fixed
Metronome can now be turned off during recording
Translation of transposing instruments in French now reading correctly
Jazz Baritone Saxophone and Concert Toms sounds now installing correctly

Version 2.0.135 (Sep 15, 2015)
New features
- Connect to MIDI Bluetooth devices directly from Notion. (Find it in the settings menu)
-Update of all instrument sounds - if you are having any playback issues when a specific instrument is playing, go to the Sounds menu, find the instrument, swipe left, tap Remove and then tap the cloud icon to re-download. Flute and Double bass section sounds will automatically be replaced if you have them installed.
-New transfer status dialog, to prevent issues with large scores or large numbers of scores being hidden, when turning iCloud on or off. (Go to Device Settings>Notion to turn iCloud on or off for Notion)
-Treble & bass staves and 5 & 6-string basses, now sound in playback as well as in note entry
-Cursor now remains in the same place when iCloud is being checked in background
-Instrument playback warning dialog now only appears once, on opening a score
-Export wav file now uploads to Dropbox and SoundCloud
-Export all parts to PDF now works as expected
-Changing the length of hairpins by dragging the end points now fixed
-Print the part (and not the full score) when viewing Dynamic Parts
-Titles on following systems now working as expected
-SATB template now has Treble Clef 8vb for the Tenor part, rather than bass clef
-When importing MIDI, Notion now displays all key signature changes

Version 2.0.129 (Jul 29, 2015)
New features
- Universal app - for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch
- iCloud support
- Redesigned interface
- Quick Access Palette for iPad
- Sounds menu, to manage which sounds are on device, and which are kept in the cloud. The initial app download contains piano - go to Sounds menu to then choose which sounds you want on the device.
- Sort scores by date or name
- Templates tab on launch screen
- Choose new standard staves from Score Setup
- Transposing chords
- Select Special>Chords, for cut/copy and paste
- New language - Sim. Chinese
- Alto, tenor and baritone saxophones, and glockenspiel now available as part of the initial bundle
- 14 new in-app purchase sounds available including ukulele and various brass and woodwind instruments
- New in-app purchase sound bundles available: Jazz Sounds Bundle, Guitar Bundle
- 64-bit support
- Write for all instruments, even if you haven’t purchased the sound
- Instrument names show automatically on parts
- Enhanced font selection and page text editing
- New workflow for setting up a new score
- New page layout controls
- Onscreen keyboard jumps to relative range of selected instrument
- Can start downloads/in-app purchases from part details view in score setup
- Press and hold to rename/duplicate scores on home screen.
- Better initial zoom when loading a score.
- New SATB template file
- Press and hold to rename/duplicate scores on home screen.
- Add chord summary score option.
- When sounds have finished downloading in the background, they will automatically become available in the score you are working on
- Default file name added during setup
- Enharmonic tool moved into Accidentals Palette
- Scores shared with Notion desktop now retain jazz font
- Playback marker now continues during playback in Continuous View
- If Scroll with Entry is off, don’t scroll the score when pressing the next and previous arrows (previously called ‘Auto-Scroll’)
- Add Long Drum and Whistling to the percussion bundle.
- Add some missing or incorrect instrument images.
- Correct some errors in the demo files
- Add in vocal ranges when writing for voice
- Fix not scrolling properly in continuous view during playback when zoomed out

Version 1.3.107 (Dec 30, 2014)
- Hidden instruments can now be found when re-opening Notion
- Text style now changes when selecting Jazz
- Some text box sizes changed
- Mixer buttons widened for Japanese language
- Export as AAC now working on iPad Air
- Cabasa now sounding
New features
- Enharmonic tool now affects a selected region

Version 1.3.100 (Nov 05, 2014)
New features
- Real time record from on-screen piano, fretboard and drumpad
- Ability to turn autoscroll on or off when entering notes
- Drag score objects (e.g. dynamics)
- Swap articulations from above to below staff
- Cross-staff beaming
- Export all parts to pdf
- Add Capo feature
- Align Chords
- Stemless rhythm slashes
- Hide/unhide stems
- Cautionary key and clef
- Select and paste in/out individual voices
- Show voice colors
- Select lyrics for a region
- New languages: German and Japanese
- More Export options
- Restore All Purchases button added
- Instruments add to score in normal score order
- Expansion sounds visible when not connected to network
- Instrument technique boxes re-positioned
- Instrument order retained from imported scores
- Backup of scores when syncing with iTunes
- New server for Purchased Sounds for faster downloads
- Various improvements to multi-measure rests
- Concert Toms: name now displaying and sounds playing back
- In-app purchase sounds retained on device*
*NB You may need to restore sounds for this version one final time - for future versions these should then stay on the device (unless you are restoring the iPad, or you have deleted Notion)

Version 1.2.88 (Sep 17, 2014)
Compatibility with iOS8
- Expansion sounds visible when not connected to network
- Scores backup correctly with iTunes

Version 1.2.81 (Apr 24, 2014)
Bug Fixes:
- Purchased percussion bundle instruments not displaying in Score Setup after quitting and re-launching Notion.
-Tapping on the info button for the in-app purchase bundles not working
-English quick reference guide not displaying

Version 1.2.80 (Apr 18, 2014)
New languages: Spanish, Mexican Spanish, French, Canadian French.
Localized in-app purchase prices
Updated help manual
Save As
On-screen keyboard issue on iPad Air and Retina

Version 1.2.70 (Sep 18, 2013)
Fixes and enhancements for iOS 7.

Version 1.2.66 (Jul 31, 2013)
- Use iTunes file sharing to import MIDI files and MusicXML files.
- Improved default note-spelling when entering notes using the on-screen instruments or external MIDI devices.
- Add Tweak Dynamics to the Tools section of the contextual menu.
- Add more tonic options when adding a key signature.
- New index for faster file browsing on the home screen.
- Bug fixes.

Version 1.2.61 (Jul 16, 2013)
Fix a bug where double-tapping on tempo markings in order to edit them was not working properly.

Version 1.2.60 (Jul 10, 2013)
• New notation items in the palette:
- Swing/Straight
- rehearsal marks
- rit. and accel.
- fingered tremolos
- fp, ffp fz, ffz, sf, sff, sfz, sffz, sfp, sffp
- treble 8va clef, treble 15ma clef, treble 8 vb clef, bass 8vb clef
- Fine, To Coda, D.S. al Fine, D.S. al Coda, D.C. al Fine, D.C. al Coda
- beam tool
- cuts
- ghost notes
- fingerings
- double whole notes and double whole rests
• More selection operations (select a region, then tap on More...) :
- Duplicate
- Clear Special
- Swap Voices
- Reset Tab Numbers
- Clear Recorded Velocities
- Quantize to Notation
- Stem Direction
- Show as rhythm slash
- Show as cues
- Set as tacet
- Double at interval
- Make tuplet/custom tuplet
- Hide/unhide rests and attachments
- Show attachments above/below/auto
- Staff groupings (barline, bracket, brace, tempo)
- Force new system
- Force new page
• Tap on a selected score item to bring up a contextual menu for that item (e.g., select a note, then tap on the selected note to view the context menu).
• View, edit, and print individual dynamic parts (in the view menu).
• Parts Settings for customizing the look of individual parts, including multi-measure rests.
• View and edit your score in continuous view (in the view menu).
• Other new view options: Show Hidden Items, Show Voice Colors, Hide Cuts, and Hide Resting Staves.
• Double-tap on a variety of score items to edit them:
- swing
- rit. and accel.
- tempo markings
- repeats (for editing the number of repeats)
- fermatas, caesuras, tenutos, and breath marks (for editing the time playback should pause)
- rehearsal marks
• Improved slur entry method that allows for entering slurs on notes in any voice:
1. Choose the slur tool from the articulations section of the palette.
2. Tap once on the note where you want the slur to start (it helps to zoom in first).
3. Tap once on the note where you want the slur to end.
• Improved chord symbol entry.
• Bug fixes.

Version 1.2.49 (May 09, 2013)
- Enter notes and rests on the staff with your finger or stylus - after engaging the new pencil tool on the palette, notes are entered on the staff when tapping where you want to enter notes.
- Select accidentals in palette for finger or stylus entry
- Select notes and other score objects for dragging or editing by using your finger or stylus
- Transposing, Concert Tuning or Concert Pitch
- New Select features - double tap a measure to bring up new options (such as Select All, Select Part)
- Transpose, double tap a measure, make your selection, and press Transpose. Notion will transpose notes, chord symbols and diagrams and optionally, key signatures.
- Fill score with rests feature - double tap a measure, select a region or whole score, and tap 'Fill with Rests' to complete your score for printing or sharing.
- Eraser tool now erases the contents of the current selection, instead of bringing up the eraser cursor
- Specify the part abbreviation separately to the part name
- Bug fixes

Version 1.2.38 (Mar 21, 2013)
New Features and Enhancements:
- Show more than two measures per system.
- Pinch to zoom.
- Print to AirPrint-enabled printers (accessed via the export button in the toolbar).
- Switch between iPad view (optimized for editing on the iPad) and Print view (how your music will look when printed or when exported as a PDF) using the Switch View command, accessed via the Gear button in the toolbar.
- Customize the look of your score using the new Print Settings and iPad View Settings, accessed via the Gear button in the toolbar.
- Allow entering notes on a guitar staff using the piano, and allow using the fretboard to enter notes on non-guitar staves.
- Press and hold in a measure to make it a pickup measure or a partial measure.
- Stereo meters on the mixer.
- New help guide.
- Bug fixes.

Version 1.2.30 (Jan 31, 2013)
- Fix a bug related to grace notes.
- Add panning controls to the mixer.

Version 1.2.27 (Jan 22, 2013)
- Support for retina display.
- New Feature: Record real-time MIDI input into your score.
- New Audition Mode: Use the on-screen virtual instruments to hear sounds before entering them into your score.
- Bug fixes.

Version 1.2.21 (Dec 22, 2012)
- Improved Select Tool.
- Upload WAV and AAC files to SoundCloud.
- Open .prog files.
- Fix a bug where the instrument settings for a guitar part would always show the default settings.
- In the Help Viewer, enable the forward, back, and home buttons.

Version 1.2.18 (Dec 15, 2012)
New Features and bug fixes!
- New Feature: Step-time entry using external MIDI devices.
- New Feature: Export WAV and AAC files.
- Fix not able to enter slurs, hairpins, and other items across systems.
- Fix not able to enter grace notes.
- Fix score scrolling to the top when adding measures.
- Fix not able to use selection tool with the Speak Selection system setting turned on.
- Fix a crash that could happen when emailing a MIDI file.

Version 1.2.14 (Nov 28, 2012)
- Bug fixes and enhancements.
- Resolve an issue where, after entering a rest, the user could not enter notes via the on-screen piano.
- Resolve an issue where the on-screen piano would scoll unexpectedly.
- Resolve an issue where notes could not be entered for certain percussion instruments.
- Add ability to add breath marks to the score.
- Enable entering guitar chord diagrams.

Version 1.2.12 (Nov 16, 2012)
- Bug Fixes and Enhancements
- Resolve issue opening MIDI Files and MusicXML files attached to emails

Version 1.2.6 (Sep 27, 2012)
Dialog window crash fixed for IOS 6

Version 1.2.5 (May 17, 2012)
fixes and updates

Version 1.2 (Feb 17, 2012)
Lyrics, Chords, Vocals
-bug fixes for midi import.

Version 1.1 (Jan 05, 2012)
- Added Dropbox Integration
- Added Harpischord stops to palette UI
- Added Snare on technique to the drum kit
- File import fixes
- XML email fixes
- Other bug-fixes

Version 1.0 (Dec 16, 2011)

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