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I purchased all of the sound files and downloaded them. When I look at the "Sounds" menu, all of the instruments have a check next to them, but when I go to add more instruments, some of the instruments are greyed out, and only play a piano sound, as if the sound files aren't there. There's also a cloud icon next to them in the "Score Setup" menu. How do I fix this?
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by waynerose1 on Thu Dec 30, 2021 1:28 am
I'm having a similar problem, in December 2021.

Actually, I've been using Notion on an iPad 4th generation, now running iOS 10.3, with no problems downloading instruments or getting them to play.

The problems began with my recent purchase of a 2018 iPad Pro, running iPadOS 15.2. After downloading Notion from the App store on the new device, I clicked on Restore Purchase in Sounds. The handwriting feature comes up. The individual sounds load (on clicking their cloud icons) and play as they should. Not so with the bundles I've purchased.

The two bundles I've purchased, the Guitars Bundle and Jazz Bundle, show up in Store as bundles with checkmarks beside them. Further down in Store, the individual instruments appear, with cloud icons beside them. Clicking on the cloud icons does nothing.

Can't figure out why the download icons are appearing in Store, yet don't work.

I followed the instructions in this Presonus article:

If the OP or anyone has the solution, please post it, as I'm sure others are experiencing the same issue. Kind regards ...

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