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In the middle of the day today, my notion app stopped working. When I open it, it goes straight to the list of iCloud backup files, which is missing most of my work. When I manage to get the normal app by opening one of those files, the house icon where files used to be listed is gone, replaced by a file icon. I’m afraid I’ve lost a ton of work. Help please!
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by ChrisS23 on Mon Feb 17, 2020 5:04 am
Hi Sasha,
I know you have a ticket in tech support so you should get an answer when they are back at work today - did you let them know your iOS version and device?

If it's iOS9 or 10, and not normally using iCloud for Notion, then you may need to turn iCloud Drive off for Notion. Go to Device Settings>iCloud>iCloud Drive>Notion. On restarting the app, you'll then see the local Notion folder location.

If it's iOS11 or later, your files may be in the 'On My iPad'>Notion folder, and/or iCloud>Notion folder. Worth checking both locations.

Tech support will also need to know whether you deleted the app at any point (as removing an iOS app also removes its local 'On My iPad' folder and contents).


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