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In the ExpressionList.tpk file some of the note techniques have this line:

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<property key="mwvc" name="Moves with voice">True</property>

1. What does that do exactly?
2. What is the recommended way to write a technique that applies only to the current voice?
3. I wish I could mention you in this forum and be sure you'd be notified.

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by acequantum on Mon Nov 29, 2021 5:56 am

I'm thinking that you shouldn't be messing with the native files in the home directories of Notion 6. While I've seen some forum discussion where users are going in and modifying these files (like *.tpk) I don't believe it's necessary if one follows the guidlines on how to edit rules and create their own presets.

1. I know this doesn't answer your question, and I'm not sure what you are after in modifying this value, but I recommend staying away from modifying the files in the main folders.

If I were to guess however, because there can be multiple voices for a single staff, this property likely allows the technique to be applied to a selected voice without affecting other voices that are playing simulataneously. The technique will only follow the selected voice. This is an internal function and applies to the normal functioning of Notion 6

2. The proper way to apply a technique to a specific voice is to activate the voice, then apply the technique to the voice. To create a user defined technique so to speak, you have to create a rule that applies to a certain symbol, word, or technique with a condition when that technique is chosen and an action resulting from that choice and/or series of actions and conditions.

Specifically, what kind of technique are you trying to create?

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