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1st! off go back and delete the 4th rule from the file I uploaded earlier.
The rule with the remark "Trim non-legato note lengths" was to aid while testing in order to hear the other parts standout better.
Also _Turn off the "Auto-Legato" feature on the "Controls Tab" of the Garritan Aria Player.

Continuing on,
it is obvious the COMB instruments are _simulating_ the sounds of a legato playing technique. "Simulating" is an important reality to except.
That said, the next challenge is to make the best of what the tools offer and that's all you can do.
As for the Notion 5 custom rules, without reasonable documentation, the terminology and parameter settings become a guessing game of what the correct settings should be.

Other than real instruments, IMO only synthesized monophonic instruments can really produce a true legato sound. I use the Sample Modeling products, which are second to none by the way. There instruments do not playback long sample files. They generate the sound from a small sample and a modeling algorithm.

A real trumpet is monophonic. The same is true with the Sample Modeling trumpet. It's monophonic.
Because they are monophonic, after the first note of a slurred group of notes the following note(s) "start-attack" is absent or omitted. It is the omission of the "start-attack" and the lack of retriggering that creates the realism of the true legato sound.

The Garritan Comb library uses audio files. For the slurred sound after the first sample sound is played the following samples "start-attack" sounds have been trimmed so as to "simulate" a connected sound. Yet! all the blending in the world can not make two samples into one.
However I think the Garritan libraries do a fair job at this simulation.

To hear what sounds better and to test the various settings I loop/repeat a group of measures so I can really hear the affect made by parameter tweaking.

Shortening the duration and changing the velocity settings makes quite a difference.
Trying to get the best results is the goal. Then! to except that it is what it is.

P.s Audio effects can help things if the right FX are used.


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by johnnewberry on Fri Jan 23, 2015 12:25 pm
I am getting close to finishing custom rule documents for Notion and the Garritan COMB, JABB and World Instruments collection of libraries.

These sound libraries aren't as complex as some others; however, they are a good place to start and custom rules are a must if they are to sound expressive and dynamic in Notion 5.
I'm slowly starting to feel better about working with custom rules for Notion.
Yeah, a lot of times it most certainly is still a guessing game. But how it works is becoming more familiar, if you will.

As for the "Aria Player" vibrato can only be accessed using MIDI "Aftertouch"
and Notion does not recognize this at this point. It is not possible to control any of the Garritan instruments vibrato intensity using Notion 5 software.
There are workaround methods but they can make things complicated to work with.

If setup properly templates can be accessed from the Notion menu "File>New From Template..." for common arrangements of the various Garritan multi-presets. Instruments can also be loaded as singular instruments from the Notion Score Setup Window.
    Powerful tools!



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