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Update: fixed an issue with the accent not triggering properly after another articulation.

I found a weird behaviour with the accent. So I added Accent Main et Accent Legato to make sure the right sound is triggered when using it after another articulation.

I boosted it as well cause velocity +20 didn't seem a significant enough boost. It is a subjective matter of course so feel free to adjust it yourself in the file in case it is too loud for you. You can find the three under Accent, Accent Main and Accent Main Legato labels.

The change was ported to all the files.

Please find the latest update along with this post.

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by norbertcaillet on Sun May 29, 2022 10:10 am
Update: added harp/celeste and modified Arco for strings.

I added both the harp and the celeste in the same file because their first 3 techniques are the same.

Symbols used:
- The damped sign (bass muffle) is supposed to be a cross within a circle like a coda but smaller. Notion doesn't seem to have it in any shape or form so I replaced it on the circle sign for strings harmonics.
- The plus sign is an actual symbol for harps indicating a damped played note. It was added as it is. Being less stronger than a muffle, it's mapped on the damped medium.
- The bisbi-gliando trem was put on the tremolo sign.
- And finally the gliss FX is on the 'doit' sign available through a Shift + U shortcut.

I wasn't satisfied with the Arco. Being a symbol only used by strings and indicating it should be bowed (played with the bow), I gave it the same behaviour as the main/normale.

Please find the newest files along with this post.

The percussion should come early next week.

After that, I will take a round to adjust different volumes by checking some players videos. For instance, I am not sure if the flute marcato is supposed to be that quiet compared to a normal long note.

Then I will get on the experimental stuff, starting with the left hand pizzicato. I will probably mix two techniques for this one, a shorten pizz. + short harmonics.

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by michaelmyers1 on Thu Jul 14, 2022 7:05 pm
Great to see more work on the Rules I started, will test. I don't use BBCSO much at all these days except for percussion and harp.

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by herbievantetering on Sun Jan 22, 2023 5:41 am
A new plugin for BBCSO and all the instruments and standard articulations is underway.
Most importantly, the s.sord. and c.sord are default (common in Spitfire) and soft attack includes harmonics and soft flautando's. Additionally, the softer playing techniques respond to dynamics.


The plugin also has a setup installer and every instrument is uniquely programmed. The plugin should make it much easier to write with BBCSO.

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