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SOLVED - Harmonic technique for strings not working

Posted: Sat May 16, 2020 2:27 am
by alanbutterworth
I'm trying to create a rule set for my NI Symphony Series library. The Series has an interface that allows you to have 8 articulations loaded at any one time. I'm working on the strings and have managed to create rules for 7 of these slots so I'm au fait on how the system works, but whenever I choose either the Open (harmonic) 'o' graphic in the score or the Closed {+} and then match it in rules to the 'Technique is on' - 'Harmonic' , it doesn't switch to my harmonic articulations. It actually defaults back to my 'con sord' (which actually comes up as 'with mute' in the 'conditions' panel).

Actually just as I was typing this, I wondered whether there was another playing technique that might fit the circle graphic and I tried the word 'circle' in the panel and it worked.
So if you're trying to get the 'harmonic' to work, use the word 'circle' in the panel.....