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hi There, sorry if i repost it, but i still cannot found any thread that discuss this matter,

so my problem is..

i create a music in notion 6 (with articulation and dynamic)
for example i have violin with pizz, dynamic level pp - ff (cresendo) & flute with trill sign

now when i try to send it to studio one 4.5
their is 2 option send audio (using notion sound) or send midi note data (where i can use studio one sound bank)

so the problem start when i "send midi note data"
it only send note data (without trill, pizz, and dynamic)

i already use rule set (check box "automatically send note off"
it only fix my dynamic level, but still not fix the missing pizz and trill

any advice how to fix that??
thank you
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by michaelmyers1 on Thu Apr 09, 2020 6:24 pm
The libraries you use have to be identical in Notion to those in Studio One. IF they're the same, then the keyswitches and other controllers will be passed over correctly.

I use the feature all the time. A ruleset created for Spitfire Chamber Strings in Notion sends the articulations and changes to Spitfire Chamber Strings libraries loaded in S1.

One thing that will not work, as far as I know, is to use Notion Sounds and then expect those to play back using Studio One libraries.

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