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Hello everyone. This is an opportunity for owners of LASS - L. A. Scoring Strings 2.5... and Notion 6.5.

I have created a template integrating both products, using almost all features of LASS:

- Divisi a 3, mapped to 3 voices in Notion, with divisi / unisoni control (no extra staves or voices needed).
- Con sordino (emulated), sul tasto (faked), sul ponticello (using their impulse response).
- All volumes manually balanced. No difference between staccato, legato, trill, tremolo, pizzicato etc.

Each staff uses one Kontakt instance containing 60 MIDI channels, totaling 300. This encompasses almost all LASS articulations -- you haven't seen this with Notion before. In order to make this possible (and other features too), my Notion rules are complemented by a custom Kontakt script.

This template offers unprecedented power for LASS users. I mean, if you download Audiobro's template, it does not support any of the aforementioned features, although the ruleset is well written.

This is a very complex project. LASS is full of problems to solve, but we continue to use it because we realize when those problems are solved, the result is frequently superior to the alternatives. The system load is little in comparison with other libraries, and the features are numerous. The sound can be appalling out of the box, but so dry and flexible that you can do almost anything with it -- hence lots of work building a template. I spent MONTHS -- choosing sound options, adding EQ, balancing volumes, balancing dynamic levels, improving my Notion ruleset, writing the Kontakt script for patch mapping with divisi, testing, debugging, assembling the Notion VST Presets etc. I am sure the product, called "Nanvia", offers the best integration possible today between Notion 6.x and LASS 2.5. And it is going to improve, I have several ideas in the roadmap!

This will be a commercial template, but for a limited time, I wanted to share it with you for free to get your feedback, bug reports etc. This is an open beta; if you download and use the product, please do send me your conclusions about it!

In the beginning of September I will divulge some videos showing all the features and how to use them, but even now, you can grab the zip file, unpack it, take a look at the README file, and try it out.


How does it sound? Here's one track demonstrating the template (only the solo violin is not LASS):
The music starts "con sordino" and often uses "sul tasto". The reverb is Valhalla Room with a dark preset.

If you want to be notified when the explanatory videos come out, please subscribe to ANOTHER youtube channel.

Thank you for any support!

Nando Florestan

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