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Hi friends,
could you please help the beginner how to set up the whole system with Notion? I just bought the Cinematic studio solo strings and try to use it with Notion, with the presets from Mathieu Dulong. The presets works OK in Notion VST, and the instruments are available as well, Kontakt is enabled instrument, but nothing plays and Notion gives the message: Cannot find the plug-in with ID 1315524405; make sure it is installed and enabled in the plug-in manager.
Thanks for the help
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by vincentmussard on Wed Apr 29, 2020 1:11 pm
I had the same problem and it was solved :
- In NOTION Go to plugin manager
- Make sure that Kontakt 5 is activate.
Warning ! there is three possible session of kontakt 5 :
* Kontakt 5
* Kontakt 5 - 8 out
* and Kontakt 5 - 16 out

The CSS and CSSS need more than 16 out. So if you activate the kontakt 5 it will correspond at the 32 out and it will run correctly.

Hope that will help you
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by alonshai-kaspi on Thu Apr 30, 2020 3:34 pm
Hi Vincent,
Any idea how to configure presets to work with Kontakt 6?
Thank you

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