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Hallo everyone.
I am building my set of custom rules to be able to use VSL Solo Strings in the most comprehensive way possible. I would thus like to be able to detect repetitions of a note. Which condition should I use? note-after-note? If I understand correctly "note-after-same" is not implemented at the moment.
Please help! :-)
Best Regards,
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by alainleblond1 on Thu Nov 13, 2014 7:47 am
Just a comment ...

Using VIPro would provide you exactly what you want ?


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by cesaremagri on Sun Dec 28, 2014 5:37 pm
does VI-pro recognize repetitions? If yes how?
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by davidgriffee on Tue Dec 20, 2016 2:20 am
the note-after conditions are notoriously counter-intuitive ... but after much experimentation I have found a way of thinking about it that helps a lot. When the test condition is being evaluated,
it applies to the note which the playback cursor is currently on,
but it examines what came before the current note.

"note-after-note" means the note playing now comes after some previous note
It will be true if there is a note before this note
It will be false if there is a rest before this note

"note-after-same' means the note playing now comes after a previous note which is the same
It will be true the second and subsequent times a note is repeated
but only if there is nothing else in between the notes

So... yes, you can use "note-after-same" to test for repetitions
I have used it several ways:
1. as a workaround for instruments that do not provide built in round-robin
2. to always reset a round-robin at the beginning of a line (or wherever I want), so it ensures that I get a consistent performance every time it plays (like many EWQL instruments for example)
3. to trigger some feature of an instrument patch that I want to always be set a certain way

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