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There are a number of misnamed Conditions in the ruleset editor (i.e., the command name in the Notion Palette and User Guide does not reflect the ruleset condition name). I realize that changing these runs the risk of messing up everyone's rules to date, but these should, IMHO, be consistent. I'll add these as I run across them (ps, if these are corrected, maybe someone could write a simple script to change the names if encountered in a ruleset xml file?):

It would be great if users could add to this so the developers have a complete list.


*Ruleset Condition Name -----> should match -----> *Command Name

Dash -----> Tenuto
Dash Accent -----> Tenuto Accent
Legato Accent -----> Accent with Tenuto
Legato Strong Accent -----> Strong Accent with Tenuto
Shake ----> Tremolo

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