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Hi all,
there is now a new Notion Preset repository hosted on GitHub. This is a space to upload, download, share and maintain presets for Notion 6.3 and later.

The link is here - open the Welcome file for an introduction: https://github.com/notionmusic/presets

We have added a couple of demo instruments and a number of readme files to get you started. The 6.3 User Guide has also been updated.

Over the coming months we will be updating and adding the built-in presets to this repository - please feel free to join us there!

Other preset and rules changes for 6.3:
-A new folder location on your computer for your custom presets (that will load directly into Notion’s Score Setup)
-New Preset Expressions to add any expressions in your libraries that are not found in Notion
-New rule test for “no articulation”
-“Palm mute” and “slap” added to Techniques
-[macOS] MIDI values can be typed in drop down menus (macOS)
-Long drop-downs now open at the expected selected item
- [Win] Fixes to the GUI resizing when a selection is made
-Fix for occasional crash when closing Plug-in manager
-[macOS] Fix for not sending some keyboard presses to Notion when a plug-in window is open
-Sample Logic: we have fixed the Sample Logic sounds (removing all the " symbols, so they can be extracted on Windows). The presets have been updated and can still be found in your my.presonus.com account under Notion 6, OR, in the new Community Preset repository here.


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by waynerose1 on Sun Feb 25, 2018 4:53 pm
Great info, Chris.

However, by now I'm knee deep in Notion 6.3 and missing details i need.

- What is the folder location on Mac for loading custom presets into Notion?
- "New Preset Expressions to add any expressions in your libraries that are not found in Notion." Expressions to add expressions? What does this mean.
- What are the commands for creating and applying User Techniques? Apostrophe something or other?
- prules written in N5 seem to work, but experiencing problems using techniques as opposed to articulations.

I find that using an articulation (different accents, etc.) works well as a condition to set a flag then send a keyswitch, but using Technique Is On doesn't seem to work as well. Problem is I'm using articulations, e.g., Staccato Accent to achieve a technique such as Fast Crescendo, so the marking in the score has nothing to do with the result, and that articulation cannot readily be used for its original purpose.

Using Technique Is On works well for a trill, for example. Notiion recognizes the trill in the score and sends the keyswitch. But not so with other techniques, e.g., gliss or crescendo. For example, if I set a condition using Technique Is On: Crescendo, then put a crescendo (hairpin or text) in the score, it doesn't appear to be recognized by Notion and the keyswitch is not sent.

I know I'm missing some logical step. My programming is a little rusty, but I used to be decent at it. Could you please walk me through how to use Techniques as conditions so they are recognized in the score.

I can't seem to find a web page or video that talks specifically about this feature. Your help is appreciated.

Kind regards

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by matthooper1 on Tue Apr 28, 2020 4:04 am
It was a nice idea but there must be a better way to gather all the resources in one place ?

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