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Does anyone have a concise guide to the rules for EWQL under Notion 4? Something that shows the notation (and how to activate that notation) that you need to do to get Notion to play each sample that's available?

For example, I was trying to get the flute and horns to play fluttertongue, but the "fluttertongue" technique doesn't do that: instead, you need to use tremolo (three slashes on the notes). Similarly, if you want to use the 5th slide up you need to press single quote and then type "5thu".

Then there's the fact that not all instruments can perform all techniques: a tremolo indication produces fluttertongue on the horn ensemble, but not on solo horn (because there's no such sample).

I can crank through the rules myself and figure everything out, but if someone already has a guide it would save a lot of time.

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by reubenstone on Sat Feb 06, 2016 8:24 pm
I'd like to second this. Some of the articulations work for EWQLSO Gold instruments in Notion 5 - like staccato, pizz and col legno - but for me that is about it. All of the other articulations do nothing. So I could go through and write new rules for each instrument - but I'm sure someone who knows way more about it that me has already done that with SO Gold?

If so, I'd be very appreciative if they could share the rules file for Notion 5!

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