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I have written a score in which I use 3 horns.
Horns 1 & 2 are on the same staff and the staff has a G key.
Horn 3 is written on a separate staff but with a key of F.
When I play the score, there is no problem, all the horns sound at the correct pitch.
In Notion; if I choose the display "score transposed", the horn 3 is 1 octave to hight.
I do not understand why.
When I print the parts to PDF, horns 1 & 2 are OK but the display for horn 3 is wrong.
Horn 3 is displayed on a staff with a F key as I wanted, but is transposed 1 octave up.
This is very Strange and I do not understand why.
I have attached here a link to the .notion file and the .pdf file of the score.
Can somebody help please. :)

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