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I have a few different articulations setup in kontakt using their own midi channels. For example: Ch A1 = legato, channel A2 = staccato.

However I'm finding that if I have a sustain patch that is not setup as channel a1 it is not affected by cc1 which is setup for dynamics. Staccato articulations work just fine.

Also, when the channel is switched to the channel with the sustain patch, the volume slider on channel 1 moves, but not the current channel sounding. The odd thing is, if the sustain patch is put in ch 1 where the legato patch is it will work fine. I have tried this with different libraries so this is not a bug with a single one.

Would love any ideas I'm pulling my hair out.

Rules are attached.

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by jonathanfreese on Thu Mar 23, 2017 6:42 pm
I have found that it works if I Shift I and manually place a channel change on the staff. So it must be a problem with the rules.

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