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I'm new on Notion and a 67 year old men. I buy the Woodwind section and Duo Bundle download this but by the Instruments there is in "Cursive" and i had no sound. The instruments are by the other instruments ( Sounds).
Can ever help an old men :?:
Sorry for my bad english
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by johnnewberry on Mon Nov 07, 2016 9:26 am
hans-dieternass wroteThe instruments are by the other instruments ( Sounds).

Hello Hans.
   A separate "Expansion" folder is used for the Notion "Expansion" Sounds on a computer with an Windows operating system as shown in the images below.

expansion folder_.JPG

Notion is sold with Sounds that are placed in a folder named "Bundled".
But Expansion Sounds purchased separately from Presonus/Notion must be placed in the "Expansion" folder.
For a Windows operating system the path should be similar to C:\Program Files\Notion 6\Sounds\Expansion

expansion folder2_.JPG

A better area of the forum to post this type of issue and get faster response would be the main Notion Topics forum.

Hope this will help. Good luck.


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by hans-dieternass on Tue Nov 08, 2016 3:37 am
Hello and Thank's for your answer

I detected my problem. On my Mac there are two Library folder and at the second it works.

yours sincerly

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