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This is my first post on this forum. First off, I would like to congratulate Presonus on this wonderful music software with its fast, intuitive work flow and ease of use. In the spirit of making this software even better I would like to point out some issues found so far.

There are a number of instances where Notion will crash. Sometimes when using the palette the edit page will refuse to recognise the cursor coordinates and the note or slur is unable to be positioned. The only solution is to restart the application.

The FX window for reverb etc. has incorrect sizing and some of the knobs are cutoff. This really should have been picked up in release testing as its so obvious.

I was unable to set the key signature to Gmaj/Em for some reason, other keys seem OK.

I am still unable to get rulesets to work with VSTi’s. I have read everything I can find on the forum and elsewhere and studied the prules others have used but without success. At one stage I did get an effect when running a rule script but the effect was to cause missing notes, and a slow death when playing until I had to crash out. Obviously I am looking for errors as to what is wrong and enclose my scripts here. At first I thought that Notion cannot process the XML files and all the other things it has to do when playing a note due to speed limitations but I am running a fast laptop (INTEL i7, 16GB ram, 250GB SSD).

The steps I use are:
1. Select Rules from menu (window opens)
2. Select Edit from menu (edit page opens)
3. Set the MIDI channel you want the script to act on
4. Edit each rule script using ‘main’ at the start and end of the list (to define and restore the default articulation)
5. Then unset all flags except for the one you want and set that one
6. Set action as keyswitch to change articulation
7. Go back to Rules window and select ‘’Use” and position the script name over the staff of the MIDI channel you chose earlier, then play.

All I really want to do is make keyswitch changes to different articulations on Chris Hein violins and other VSTi’s. Really need support here, the documentation is very sparse.

I am sure these issues will be fixed in forthcoming builds and look forward to your response. Keep up the fantastic work.

Mozart ekn3.prules
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by kipcrawford on Wed Sep 07, 2016 1:50 am
In Kontakt (I know this real well) key switches are an Octave lower. So if your instrument has a Staccato set on a key switch at say.. C0, then in the Prules select C1 as the key switch to play staccato. Other type VSTi may be different.

If I am not mistaken the Chris Hein Violin is played in Kontakt.

In this Instrument, my 3 key switches are as follows:

Legato key switch is on C-1. In Notion Prules...use C0
Staccato key switch is on D-1. In Notion...use D0
Pizzicato....E-1. In Notion...use E0

The red line goes from the C-1 (Legato Key Switch) to C0. In Kontakt, the switches are always an Octave off. Whereas the C1 key is the lowest note (start)
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by petergardner1 on Wed Sep 07, 2016 5:11 am
Thanks so much Kip, that was it, articulations are switching now. Fantastic. I read your earlier posts and they were very helpful. I am sure others will use this information as well.

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