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Hey guys, I have a question in regards to creating a rule for such articulations like Loure' bowing or Detache lance bowing which are combined articulations.

Louré strokes are a short series of gently pulsed legato notes executed in one bow stroke (it is also known as portato). A slight swelling at the beginning of the note should be applied, followed by a gradual lightening of the sound. Strokes are distinctly separate, yet unaccented, and the expressive swell is produced by applying pressure and speed to the bow at the beginning of the note. Although a slur and horizontal dashes are generally used to indicate this effect, dots with slurs are occasionally used.

So in the custom rules GUI does it function as an "and" statement for the Condition.

Loure' bowing Example:

Articulation is Dash <--AND
Is under slur

Send Keyswitch (C1)

Can you do this? So that when I set the portato bow marking (dash) and then apply the slur, will the Ruleset read this correctly? I have not tried this yet as I am still working out the philosophy while I am work to save me time when actually doing this.

It seems like this should work but the problem is multiple triggers that I think it might freak on.

Thanks guys.

Here is a link to what this would look like. example e and f for long and short loure bowing under useful articulations:

http://www.timusic.net/2013/03/guide-to ... 1XxgfkrKCh
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by dawayneking on Tue Jun 07, 2016 8:58 am
Actually, nevermind on that. I just watched the Custom Rules Flags video and that was answered at 10:16 through the video. It does function as an "And" statement. It also allows for what I am looking for.

For those who may not know this video (like me because I was new) here it is for the other new guys: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WLzgtJNcHsU

Thanks all.

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