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Palm mute seems to be missing in the rule editor (which is finaly here, after all these years, I was the one who did a graphical interface in java for Notion 3, but this is much more convenient, especially since there is no need to restart all the time anymore). In the xml, if technique = "palm" still works, but if you import a ruleset that has this rule in it, it will be replaced by circle symbol.
It works fine as palm mute until you first edit the ruleset with the editor, then it gets overwritten by the circle.

So the workaround for missing techniques (I don't know if there are any others, but in case there are):
- edit the rules in the editor to your liking
- make a placeholder rule for the missing technique, just place some other technique in there
- when finished and confident that everything works fine other than that rule, export it
- in an xml editor, change your placeholder rule's if technique = "" part to the technique you need, save it
- import it again in notion, and use it. Do not edit it anymore, because if you do, it gets overwritten by circle symbol.

Devs: Please, do not fix this by taking away the possibility to use the palm mute technique, just add it to the editor, please, I really need it :) Thanks.
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by lvarodelgado on Thu Feb 09, 2017 7:17 am
I agree. Palm mute should be included in the list, although "Slap" for bass is a mayor missing in the rules.

Thanks so much for you workaround.

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