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The idea is to have several "accents", for example from -50 to +50, which I could detect in a prule file.

With Notion 4, I found the way to do this, I modified the file ExpressionList.tpk, adding new techniques like s1, s2...:

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  <packet type="EXPD" name="Expression define">
    <property key="exid" name="Expression ident">s1</property>
    <property key="exor" name="Expression level">500</property>
    <property key="nttc" name="Note technique">s1</property>
    <property key="syid" name="Style ID">gteq</property>
    <property key="extx" name="Expression text">s1</property>
    <property key="exsh" name="Expression shortcuts">s1</property>
    <property key="exbh" name="Expression both sides">True</property>

Then I wrote a set of rules like :

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    <rule><if technique="s1" /><velocity-change bump="-10" /></rule>
    <rule><if technique="s2" /><velocity-change bump="-20" /></rule>

And I can add this new techniques on the score with shortcuts like 's1 's2 etc.

Unfortunately, with Notion 5 this is not possible :-(

Techniques must be now 4 letters long : s001, s002... The score is a little more confused, but this should be ok.

What makes this impossible to do is that rules/import transform the unknown techniques into "circle symbol", and those techniques are not listed in the rule editor...

I tried with "gts1", "gts2"... and "fng1", "fng2"... (markings for guitar and strings), who are smart enough for what I want to do :
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   <rule><if technique="gts1" /><velocity-change bump="10" /></rule>
   <rule><if technique="fng1" /><velocity-change bump="-10" /></rule>
but unfortunately those techniques are not recognized by the rule engine...

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