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I work with Hollywood Strings easwest
and con sordino is through the Controller CC15
turned on(65-127)
the problem is that I manage to activate
but impossible to send the reverse that is to say
CC15 turned off (0-64).
same for the portamento
that it is a CC65 controller implemante
I fail to understand the subtleties between conditions
and actions.
Same problem for CC70 that allows playing on the
finger position.
It must be used systematically flags?
I said that for me I managed to create the rules for
legato staccato articulations staccatissimo marcato
tremolo fluttertongue trill pizzicato mute for wood
brass and strings.
I do not use the keyswitchs because they do not allow you to choose the desired sounds.
if someone has already used the controls change thank you for sharing your experiences
Best Regards

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