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Yes a force seeking to test copy of existing rules
you eventually get there well almost
I lack more than the harmonics and flautendo and ripps
and I have been around the major articulations.
I used to rule:Warp IV Screaming trumpet.prules
took on the forums to settle the problem of trills.
I'm also for putting things which are useless but it works and it is the main.
If someone has an idea about the other techniques(flautendo,harmonics,fluttertongue,ripps,mute)
Here is a example of personnalized rules for instruments
eastwest Hollywood strings Brass and Woodwinds
apologize for my english translated I am French.
but I will anyway participate in the forum and to contribute
but I will anyway participate in the forum and to contribute
with all those who have problems like me with the rules.
Notion 5 is extraordinary.
but we must understand First of all finesses
Best regards

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by illandidier on Sat Aug 20, 2016 6:05 am

I'm interesting by your job,

i must try it, but if you want any help.

And I'm french too.

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