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This is another one to help on the live keyboard performance or MIDI editing fronts...

Allow for easy editing of split points.

How this could work:

1. Use selects a passage of notes on a Grand Staff
2. User right+clicks in the selection
3. The menu appears
4. Under "Tools" there will be a new option called "Change Split Point"
5. User selects this, and window appears
6. User is presented a list of notes to designate as the new split point for the selected notes
7. User clicks Ok

Result: the Split Point is changed for the selected notes only.

Use Cases:

1. User records a performance where the split point changes throughout the passage and needs to make quick adjustments to the split points.
2. User imports a MIDI file of a keyboard passage where the Split Point changes and wants to quickly correct this.
3. User has composed a keyboard part and later decides that certain notes notated as being played on the right hand would be easier to be played on the left hand or vice versa.

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by jpettit on Mon Jul 21, 2014 11:29 pm

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