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When using Continuous View, which is my primary working view, any time you scroll down to a Staff out of screen view everything above it scrolls upward out of view. This makes sense for staffs in general, but it makes no sense for staffs like NTempo and any staffs or "lanes" being used for overall reference, like Rehearsal Marks or Tempo changes, or any staffs I want anchored to the top for reference viewing. These kinds of things are critical for composition, though admittedly not so much for final printed product.

Otherwise, when composing and entering notes for lower staves one can get lost as to exactly where in the piece you are. You have to scroll up to find out, and then scroll back down to where you are working, and even then you sometimes get lost by the time you get back down.

Perhaps programmers could define two staff regions, one at the top of the staff area that would not scroll, and another below that would scroll. Staves could have a field indicating which region assignment is made. Rehearsal Marks, Tempo change inserts, and other items that refer to the whole score can be populated in the upper region as well.

This kind of behavior is common in DAW work, and in non-musical programs like Microsoft Excel, where you can assign a "Freeze Panes" location to a spreadsheet.

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by michaelmyers1 on Thu May 07, 2015 7:09 pm

This is similar to a request I made, in which you could easily click a button to fold or display each staff similar to a track in a DAW.

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