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I would like to be able to IMPORT bitmap and/or vector graphics and attach them to the score.

Importing graphics would make up for a number of specific features that aren't in the list of priorities.

dotted slurs, feathered beaming, BIG time markings, a box with a formatted text, a woodwind fingering, mallets, other special symbols, several things like these could be done if Notion just allowed the user to import a .PNG or a .EPS (or SVG or other kind of vector graphic) and add it to the score.

I'm currently using text indications and special personalized fonts to add contemporary elements to a Notion score. This is hard to do and requires a lot of time and special software - to mess with font files.

This IMPORT GRAPHICS feature along with HIDE EVERYTHING would add a lot of flexibility to Notion.

Emilio Le Roux
Composer | Film Director
Win 10 i7 Desktop / Win 8.1 % Win 10 Surface Pro // Notion 6.3.454 64 bit

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