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I've creates some staves to be containers of different instruments associated to various voices (see attached picture).

To each staff I've assigned specific part name and abbreviation. When I start adding the instrument to the staff, the given part name (and abbreviation) disappear and it is changed by the name of the first 2 instruments.

I think this is an error, first because my chosen name is not displayed (3 Trumpets, in my example), second because not all instrument names are displayed. This will force me to display the "changed" instruments names over the staff (On the first bar I usually hide them).

I suggest that in the staff dialog should be a check-box to enable/disable automatic name substitution, and, however, all used instruments names should be written (with a smaller font).

One more problem: I can add a ALT-RETURN (on a Mac) to the part name to split the name in 2 lines, but when displayed, a single line is displayed (this will be very useful in my first staff to display 2 Flutes/2Oboes part name on two lines without the slash character).

Please, see my original post for more comments: https://forums.presonus.com/viewtopic.php?f=167&t=7460&p=38395#p38395.


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