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I'd like to see the ability to add the mountain dulcimer as an instrument, which typically has 3-4 strings, and comes in various tunings (Dad and Daa are most common). For sound generation, other plucked string instruments would be fine. Thanks.
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by elerouxx on Mon Apr 06, 2015 5:36 am

In Notion, you can already do so -

1) Add the instrument that comes closer to the one you want (i.e. a guitar, or in worst of cases, a Voice or Piano)

2) Go to the Staff Settings dialog, in the "Notation/Tab" tab, set instrument to Show Both (standard notation and tablature) and then enter the tuning you want. For instance "E2 A2 D3" creates a tuning of 4 strings with the 3 bass strings of the guitar.

I hope this helps


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