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I want to write for percussion with 2 independent staves but keeping the same name like for example percussion 1.
Tried to hide one of the instrument name but it didn't worked.
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by johnnewberry on Wed Feb 25, 2015 1:54 pm
rubenstubenchlak wroteTried to hide one of the instrument name but it didn't worked.

I couldn't find a way to leave a staff part name blank either.
Maybe just add a period (.) for a name. :? ???

Or as a workaround maybe try this:
Start by selecting None for part/staff names in the Notion 5 menu "Score>Full Score Options... layout tab: select None in the two drop-down menus for "Titles.." e.g. the image below.

Score Options Layout tab.PNG

Then, add alternative "part names" as seen below using the Score>Add Title, Header, Footer... window.
The Dedication and Part name Text Style fields work well for this.
Add a checkmark to change the orientation of the text to the upper left.
Change the font, size, etc. or hide them if not desired.

Add title -window.PNG

If names are hidden, clicking on a staff and using "Shift-I" to open the Change Instrument window(as below)
the part name of the staff will be shown at the top of the window.
To close the window press the escape key.

Hide instrument names.PNG



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