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Dear Notion Team,
I just download the last update, and still going to the VSL SE / SE PRO to see that there are mistakes that remain since Notion VSL SE ...

In menu VSL SE brass ens. were are the french horns 4 and 8 ?
In brass ensemble it is wrote Horn ensemble, well , ok but 4 or 8 ? ...
In the woodwind Ens, oboes appears twice ...

In menu VSL SE PRO
Brass Ens. were are the Horns 4 and 8 ?
Brass Ensemble have Horn Ens 8 and ... Bass Saxophone ( also located with other saxs ):-) instead of 4 Horns...
Everythings in VSL SE Notion 3 is correctly done, so why the new menus in recent VSL SE & pro mistakes remain ?

Also "hide the empty stave" still hide the first rehearsal mark and the first bar number ...
Your Sincerely,

the 4 horns.JPG
twice oboes.JPG
bass saxophone as ensemble.JPG

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