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A couple additions for vibe players

Posted: Tue Dec 23, 2014 1:36 pm
by tjazzvibe
I know there are not a lot of vibe players in the world. On my Web site though there are 4000 now. ( Just saying.... with a couple features this is an amazing program for us. I have taken a week away to write and banging the music out with notion. however i will now have to import back in sibelius to complete my work. that sucks. (maybe I'm doing something wrong?)

We need 2 features as i can see. One is easy, a different pedal notation. simply a bracket. that's what we use. second, and X for dampening. i don't think we really use the word 'dampening' as you have it. the x dampens the note before you play the next note. think of a C suspended chord on the vibes. we dampen the F with one mallet and at the same time we play an E. but i think you know this.

if i could do those things, i could crank out music. between the ipad (on planes) and then the laptop, it's soooo easy and fast here. and i could announce to 4000 vibe players that i think this is the best notation program for writing music for the vibes. maybe not a big deal, but just sayin, that's a little love, i hope. check out the image file. it's four bars from my buddy David Friedman's music.
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Re: A couple additions for vibe players

Posted: Wed Jan 21, 2015 8:46 am
by martinkutschker
Notion has IMHO few features compared to the top-notch engravers. So I use it mainly as a composing tool, because the VSTi support really rocks.

Have a look at the new beta of MuseScore 2. It has support for many uncommon instruments. A word of warning: MuseScore 1.x wasn't know for its stability. It worked reasonably well for a free, open source program but better save often than be sorry ;)