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In music, "playing before, on or after the beat" can make or break the style, feel or even the form of the music.

With vst' today it can be hard or hopeless trying to compensate for the attack and response differences instruments have due to processing and latency.
Some vst instruments need more time, some less for processing then other vst' do.
These vst' may sound horrible in a sonority just because of simple timing issues which could be adjusted with a staff, measure timeline "offset".

Back when I started using Notion (3) I would playback a piece of music and (I hate to admit) think to myself "this instrument is late" or "this sounds anemic" in the group or ensemble of sound.
After a few days or weeks I just began to except "as is" the micro-timing issues I wanted to change but could only adjust one note at a time (in the Sequencer Overlay) as "it is what it is", anemic.
I have and use waveform pitch and timing correction software but that's for post production processes.

So as a suggestion, a Staff/Measure time-offset feature would enhance Notions editing power immensely IMO.


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by thorrild on Fri Sep 12, 2014 6:18 am
+1, Johnny.

I like your suggestion. It would live very happily with my previous feature request that instruments be micro tuned individually, instead of just the entire score. If we were able to tune Trumpet I one cent below or above Trumpet II, for example, we would get a richer overall ensemble sound, with fewer phase problems when using identical samples, and a more vivid sense of the size of the ensemble.

Plus, you'd be able to play around with some more extravagant tunings and create scores performed by the rankest of amateurs...


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