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I'm a Cello and Continuo player and I am always called to make some arrangements, transcriptions and parts for the Baroque Orchestra were I play.
Recentlly we start to rehearsal some of Handel's Organ Concertos with a friend that play the organ and harpsichord and I noticed, when making some transcriptions, that there are no Organ sounds in Notion...
It is very useful if you consider to include a Baroque (flute type) and a Full Church Organ (traditional) sounds in future versions of NOTION for the pleasure of the Baroque community!! :)

Thank you!

Marco Maia
Cello Player - Porto Alegre (Brazil)
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by johnny21 on Sun Sep 07, 2014 7:58 pm
Using a 3rd party vst of an Organ, Harpsichord or Synth may provide some options that can be controlled with Custom Rules.
_Some of the basic techniques found in the Notion Custom Rules-set editor are;

    '4 stop
    '16 stop
    '8 long stop
    '8 lute stop
    '8 nazard stop
    '8 short stop



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