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Notion is keeping some problems with Score main text since long ago. I would like to point to the problems and suggest some improvements.

It's currently useless as such. If, for instance, you have a flute and clarinet duo, and you add to the flute part a PART NAME, and rename it to FLUTE. this part name will also appear in the CLARINET part as FLUTE. If you rename this to CLARINET, then the change will also be reflected in the Flute part.

I would prefer that every part has its own instance, editable (not automatic) of "Part Name".

Another bug is when you add more than one PART NAME. The recent "Part Name" text will show up along with the former (i.e. "Flute") text. Then if you edit any newer "Part Name" text, the change will appear in the first Part Name that was added - like if all the similar elements were indexed to just the first one instance of a "Part Name".

Since it's impossible to create a line break in any text (that would be very welcome), long titles must be split in two lines by creating TWO title items (or any other text item).
The problem is the same as described above: by trying to edit the SECOND added title, you will actually be editing the FIRST one. This seems to have been introduced in Notion 5 - in Notion 4 it worked fine.

The improvement of having independent system breaks for Score and Dynamic Parts is a big deal. I think however that some more work might still be done on this matter.

Emilio Le Roux
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by lindamurdock on Wed Oct 29, 2014 8:59 am
Yes, that problem appears to continue in Notion 5. When you click on "Add Part Name" to the top of parts it should be able to pull the correct part name from the score. As it is now, if you want to have the part name at the top of the part (e.g., Clarinet 1, Alto Saxophone 2, etc.) you have to bring up each part individually, change the text and print it separately.
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by levzhurbin on Wed Dec 17, 2014 4:29 pm
yes indeed -- this is a big thing that needs to be fixed. We urgently need the support of "wildcard" items such as dynamic part names and dates. In Sibelius it's easy enough with wildcards such as \$PartName\ and \$DateLong\. We need something like this to make Notion headers & footers actually functional. Who really needs a clarinet part named flute anyway?

thank you!
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by martinkutschker on Wed Jan 21, 2015 2:32 pm
The options to add, modify and place text in Notion is in all respects poor. I have no clue about the commercial competitors, but the open source engraver MuseScore has many more features in this regard.

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