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I just installed Notion, both on my Imac and my Windows laptop, and I have the same problems on both platforms:

When I fill out tittle and so forth, the song tittle will appear as a layer on top of the field name. When I print - the same thing happens in the print.

Since I´m mainly a sing a song writer, most of my work will be a voice line, with cords above, and lyrics underneath. So far it´s good. But when I try to make a text box underneath the system, it´s impossible to write a text. The shortcut should be (k) but that does´t work either.

I still have my Sibelius First, where these things work well, but Notion is much smoother to work with, as far as the notation is concerned. But the flaws with text makes it impossible for me to use.

Could the problem be, that the software still isn´t updated to work with the latest OS systems such as windows 10?
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by kmlandre on Wed Jan 20, 2016 1:27 pm
You may want to post this in a different part of the Notion forum, as this is the Feature Request area, and I'm not sure a lot of people will see it here...


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