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David G. Stapleton

Nov 24 2015, 8:08 PM

I'd like to transfer a Mac OS X 10.11.1 Studio One 3 Professional song into Notion 5.2.380, 64-bit and have the Words-to-Text/Lyrics and the notes and chord diagrams and drum rhythm automatically scored from an audio file, not necessarily MIDI, but from loops and direct input from AudioBox iTwo recordings. Complex, maybe, but not impossible - Yes? Nearly anything can be done with software these days. I'd do it myself if I had the resources and knowledge that your group already has. Think what it would do for the industry and your fine company! :-) Sales would go through the roof...

Best regards,

David G. Stapleton
Web Developer - Software

David Stapleton's music equipment:

MacBook Pro
AudioBox iTwo
Two JBL LSR305 5" studio monitors
Studio One 3.1 Professional
Notion 5.2
Gibson Memphis ES-335 '63 Cherry Figured Guitar
Martin Guitar with pickup installed
Yamaha Digital Keyboard
VOX Amplifier
Three Microphones, two with stands
Conductor's music stand
Two sets of great headphones
Sheet music, songwriting, and instrument instructional book collection

He is a retired U.S.Air Force Veteran. Dave has been loving playing guitars and writing lyrics since 1965.

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